RaceMD® is holding a web based Duchenne Stem Cell Therapy Summit on March 24th and 25th to identify the current state of stem cell investigations and therapy in DMD, and to examine actions that may be indicated by this information.

Summit Day One Summit Day Two


1The Summit will present information on three of the primary stem cell therapies being investigated for DMD.

2Current investigations in India, Poland and the US will be reviewed.

3The Summit will also examine the latest research that may help explain the stem cell outcomes.

4The Summit will bring interviews with DMD patients, their families and their care givers who have experienced the outcome of stem cell therapies.

5The Summit is intended to provide a spectrum of information that allows a meaningful assessment of the therapies by parents and treating physicians.

The one hour daily sessions over two days will allow an examination of “What is” on day one and “What is next” on day two.

Each session will end with a Q and A opportunity with doctors who are familiar with these therapies.
Disclosures: RaceMD® does not take a position on whether a stem cell therapy is suitable for a given DMD patient, or what such therapy might represent. RaceMD is active in supporting investigations regarding two stem cell therapies to determine if they are synergistic along with other aspects.