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These boys do not have time to wait.

Every day they irreversibly lose muscle cells, leading to less mobility and eventually to premature death.

 Donate to RaceMD® Today

Every tax-deductible donation funds critical, groundbreaking research designed to get results as fast as possible. We work with our group of advisors, scientists, and several like-minded foundations to select, initiate and fund the research that we feel has the best chance of delivering results quickly.

Support or Participate in our Annual “Hotter than Hell Marathon”

100% of the proceeds go to RaceMD to fight DMD and Save Lives. Support the wonderful runners and bikers who are helping the DMD victims. Help us reach a new goal by matching the entrance fees of one or more runners to support then as they run selflessly for these children.

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Monthly Giving. Employer about Matching Donation Programs. Business Sponsorships.
Please select here and let us know how you can help – and we will be in touch ASAP with details!

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All donations go directly to RaceMD® and support and expand our current efforts, research and therapy trials.
All of this to help deliver therapy to those who need it most.

How to Help