RaceMD® held a web based Duchenne Stem Cell Therapy Summit on March 24th and 25th, 2017 to identify the current state of stem cell investigations and therapy in DMD, and to examine actions that may be indicated by this information.

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Duchenne Stem Cell Therapy Summit presented by RaceMD, Chris James presenter and moderator.

Welcome from RaceMD DAY 1 Summit Agenda (March 24):
Potential Stem cell therapies for Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Presentations by Clinicians.

Discussions of process and outcomes for patients:
– Bone marrow derived stem cell therapy
– Adipose-derived stem cell therapy
– Stem cell activator therapy

Parent and patient videos
Q and A session with panelist:
Amruta Paranjape (amrutap.neurogen@gmail.com)
Christopher James (cjames@jameslawgroup.com) – Moderator
Dr. Alok Sharma (Alok276@gmail.com)
Dr. Edward McEachern (Edward.McEachern@gmail.com)
Dr. Elliot Lander (Elliot@cellsurgicalnetwork.com)
Dr. Hemangi (doc.hemangi@gmail.com)
Dr. Nandini Gokulchandran (drnandini76@gmail.com)
Disclosures: RaceMD® does not take a position on whether a stem cell therapy is suitable for a given DMD patient, or what such therapy might represent. RaceMD is active in supporting investigations regarding two stem cell therapies to determine if they are synergistic along with other aspects.